How is digital marketing manager as a career?

How much to earn a digital marketing manager is one of the curious questions everyone has in their mind because people think that holding a manager position at a company pays a lot to the candidate, but actually in the digital marketing field the more years of experience you have the more you’re paying by the company.

According to the experience of the person, the money value increases

If a person has 4 to 5 years of experience then his or her package might be 5 to 10 lack it’s based on company and the city like tier 1 city gives a high package, tier 2 city gives less than tier 1 city package.

So many factors depend on the salary of the digital marketing Manager like experience in a reputed company, brand name, academic, etc.

1 to 3-years experience – 3 to 4 LPA

3 to 5 -years experience – 5 to 10 LPA

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