We can say that Youtube is the most-viewed site globally, if you are a content creator or a Marketer who want to reach the audience globally then the best destination for you is Youtube.

Yes, it is possible to Optimize Youtube SEO to score to results without understanding the Youtube algorithm. SEO alone won’t display videos on a potential viewer’s suggested video list.

In an interview with Youtube product chef, he marked the reality of the impact of suggested-to-watch, 

saying “70% of a user’s time spent on the platform was dictated by the company’s suggested video algorithm.”

To improve your organic reach and take advantage of that massive percentage then you truly need to execute a successful Youtube Marketing Strategy. For that, you need in-depth knowledge of the unique Youtube algorithm.

Here is the same strategy to increase your organic reach on Youtube.

The Evolution of Youtube Algorithm

I will not go deep in it because by doing so our post will become so long.

So in short, Youtube has undergone significant changes over the past fifteen years, In the current YouTube algorithm, which draws heavily on view duration as a component of a video’s ranking.

How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work?

While YouTube’s stated mission is to give everyone a voice and a chance to explore the world, one of YouTube’s aims is to engage viewers for extended amounts of time, maximizing the number of advertisement interactions.

Relevance, Engagement, and Quality are the main three qualifiers algorithm used by Youtube.

YouTube explores the pairing of title, description, tags, and content with an individualized search query.

Engagement aggregates the number of responses from users, including watch time engagement, and frequency.

Quality rating is determined by a channel’s ability to demonstrate trustable authority.

In attachment to these qualifiers, YouTube’s algorithm draws on a user’s history views and a video-specific assigned score, one that weighs both novelty and regularity of channel uploads, among other attributes.

This combination of statistics allows YouTube to recommend videos to a viewer’s interests.

On the Youtube Platform videos will appear in six different locations:

  1. YouTube Home Page
  2. Search results
  3.  Notifications
  4. Recommended Streams 
  5. Channel Subscriptions
  6. Trending Streams

Like any search algorithm, Youtube ranking system is evolving and adapting for better and satisfy user engagement. 

How do I Improve my Organic Reach on YouTube?

Now with a solid understanding of how Youtube algorithm works, its time to break down how you can check your newfound knowledge to increase your organic reach.

1.Keywords and Metadata

YouTube made it clear in their algorithm explanation that when you’re optimizing videos for search it should have content-relevant keywords, descriptions, captions, and tags.

By writing compelling, keyword-rich titles and descriptions, you increase your chances of attracting audience members’ attention and increasing your video’s search visibility.

If you want to increase your chance of attracting audience attention and increasing your video search visibility then you should write compelling, keyword-rich titles and descriptions.

  2.Optimized Description

“you never get a second chance to make a first impression”, is true for YouTube just as much as for life.

You should ensure audience engagement by writing an attention-getting description that not only attracts your potential audience and also harnesses your Keyword’s power.

YouTube bends toward the verbose, promoting long descriptions, so don’t be afraid to go the extra wordy.

Although your viewer will only interact with the first few lines of the description unless they select the “show more” option, those few short lines are valuable when it comes to attracting your audience.

3.Whole-Video Views

Because Youtube ranks videos by engagement, longer watch times mean more possibilities to earn the wanted suggested video.

If you’re struggling with viewer watch times rates, then you want to focus on your video first few seconds and description should be matched with video content and catch a viewer with an impossible-to-ignore hook. 

Don’t forget to study your audience graphs and pay attention to what those metrics are telling you. 

These will help you further engage your audience, extending watch time, and earning your video a higher score via the YouTube algorithm.

4.Conversational Conclusions

(I also call it video CTA.)

Rather than ending your video, use a different type of tactics to influence your audience next view.

By directing viewers to another video on your channel, you increase interaction and they will return to your channel to interact with your future content, both will satisfy the Youtube algorithm engagement.


When viewers subscribe to your channel, you automatically increase your organic reach. you should consistently create great content to increase your number of subscribers, videos that viewers are dying to see.

While consistently creating great content, it may be easier said than done, and it’s essential for building your channel. Create a channel trailer, and engage with all comments left on your videos is the best way to increase your engagement with your viewers.

6.Serial Viewers

Viewers are helpless to resist watching the next video in the series. So, you should create a playlist with similar content.

7.Cro-Promote Content

Social media channels are a free advertising platform for your Youtube channel. you should promote your video on all your social media accounts, website and in your email marketing.

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