As we mention in the Headline Importance of rich snippets in your website,

So first we will learn

What is rich snippets?

If we gonna describes simply then “A snippet is a result Google shows to the user in the search results.” For example, if I was searching for a homemade rakhi. Google showed me a results list with normal snippets and rich snippets.

Importance of rich snippets in your website

Google shows the title in blue, the URL in black and a description of what the page is about. This is what we call the snippet. But A rich result or snippet shows extra information between the URL and the description.

Importance of rich snippets in your website


As shown in the above image, rich snippets show us extra information like a picture is added, we can also see rating, etc.

As we can see, it contains much more information than the normal snippet does. That’s why we call it a rich snippet.

Some topics, like recipes, also come with other types of rich results like the carousel:

Importance of rich snippets in your website

Why are rich results important for your website?

Rich snippets look much nicer and you will instantly know more, just by looking at them. You’ll know whether other people liked it or not.

But in long term run website, rich snippets will affect your ranking as well because if more people will click on your page then Google will notice that users prefer your page above other ones. So that will improve website ranking in the long run.


How do you get rich snippets?

Google shows rich result or snippets if we add structured data to our website. Structured data is a piece of code written in a specific format, in such way that search engines understand it. Search engines read the code and use it to create rich results.

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