We all know that ever since the WHO has declared worldwide pandemic which led to lockdown in many countries. It is the subject of worry that How shall our business run after lockdown is lifted up or amid lockdown. This worry among the people has given a huge platform for the Digitalization of the business to sustain in the market. In this case, your website quality plays an important role. Now that you want to be positioned 1st in the searches to drive more sales, you may know that your websites are found by the search engines by your Domain name. A domain name adds professional credibility to your business. And provides visibility of your brand.

Benefits of strong Domain Name –
A strong Domain name increases your business ranking in search engines A strong Domain name is like a storefront window that provides visibility of your brand. It creates awareness and attracts more customers. A strong Domain name that is popular and attracting more customers have chances to be purchase by someone interested in benefiting their business. That means your Domain name is the best virtual asset.

Can we resell our Domain Name??

 Yes, depending upon the ranking on google and how easy your domain name is to remember there are chances that somebody may approach to purchase that particular Domain Name.  Domain Name carries extra value than the cost of its registration. It might have cost a few bucks to register but it may be of more worth of a lot of money to a tight buyer.

Now you must be thinking why anybody would be interested to buy your Domain Name?

So Imagine if you get a Domain name that instantly performs and results far superior that improves the ranking of your website on google overnight.

Sounds good, isn’t it? This may cost you more money but it will save a huge amount of money to spend on other marketing activities to improve your website ranking.

Thus Domain Names are now not only a web address but it has become a platform to invest.

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Created by Vishal Agrawal

 Digital Marketing Student from Mumbai

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